social media- kya khayal hai aapka

It is quite apparent that media industry has been now shifted its way of working. Earlier, media industry only work through newspapers, magazines and Television but now they have started using new social platforms for the promoting and delivering the Hindi news. This huge transformation has expanded the role of social media in today’s times. Let’s know more about the changes that social media has brought in field of online newspapers.

Media organizations have started making smart usage of the opportunities available to them by social media. They have started focusing on how the social media tools help in holding the readers. In fact, these social media websites also help in getting funds to media industry. Like, online newspapers publish advertisements for which they have been paid a good amount of money by advertisement providers.

The advent of high speed internet facilities is undoubtedly a boon to online newspapers industry. If the facility of fast speed internet was not available then online newspapers would not have been easily accessed and used by the people. With the help of better internet services, people find it easy to use social networking sites.

It is not possible to ignore the role of digital media in growth of online newspapers. We have found that the entire world has turned into global village with the power of digitalization. Apart from these changes, digital media has brought several positive changes in journalism too. It has given a push to the usage of online newspapers too.

There are many social media platforms like facebook, twitter, youtube and google+ etc that have made the reach of news to people in no time. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards these social platforms. They spend plenty of time accessing these forms of social media. If they are following or liked the online newspapers on these social platforms they will automatically get update about what’s happening around the world. Hence, these social media platforms made these online newspapers popular and thereby led to the enhanced business of online newspapers. is an online hindi news website offering news in hindi, Entertainment news in hindi, Career advices(Job Vacancy in hindi), Tech news in hindi and Life style news in hindi and much more.   

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